1899 Staffordshire Pottery Large Flat Back Baden Powell on Horse


An impressive and very rare Staffordshire pottery large flat back figure of Robert Baden-Powell on horseback.

It was produced to celebrate the successful Defence of Mafeking, during the South African Boer War. As the commanding officer in one of the crucial battles of the war Baden-Powell rose to the status of national hero. He is even better known as the founder of the Boy Scout Movement. In fact, we have not been able to find other examples of Baden Powell flat backs outside of the museums. This example is part of a large collection of Baden-Powell and Scouting memorabilia that we bought in the past and have just decided to list.

The figure shows Baden-Powell turning sideways on the horse. He is wearing an overseas Khaki uniform and the hat that became the ubiquitous Scout hat. The base has Baden Powell painted in large capitals. The figure is quite flat on the back, as it was meant to be placed on a mantle, up against the wall.

Condition is extremely good, without any damage. These figures are rarely in good condition given the softness of the paste. Often the head, arms and legs have been broken and re-glued but in this case the piece shows no repairs at all.

Size: 29 x 8.5 x 36cm (11 1/2 x 3 1/4 x 14ins)
Weight: 2086 g