1915 Sterling Silver Lidded Doulton Tall Harvest Jug


An attractive looking Royal Doulton Tall Harvest Jug, decorated with the traditional hunting scenes, windmill and characters drinking and smoking that has been topped with a Sterling silver (925) edge and hinged lid.

The Harvest Jug is unusual because it has the rarer upwards tapering shape, instead of the more traditional squat round. The silver has been London hallmarked, with the date stamp of 1915. The maker’s mark is well worn but appears to be that of Corke Brothers & Co. The base is stamped with the Royal Doulton emblem surmounted by a lion. Condition is very good.

Size: 13 x 10 x 23 cm (5 1/8 x 4 x 9 inches)
Weight: 732 g