c1760 Bow English Porcelain Figure of Ceres and Lion


A fine porcelain figure of the Roman God Ceres, made at the Bow Factory during the 1760’s.

The figure is an allegorical representation of the earth, one of the four elements known to the Classical world.

Ceres stands on a high scrolling rococo base with a Lion coiled at her feet. In her right arm she carries a horn of flowers and grapes. The base has been finished with applied flowers and green enamel paint.

The figure employs a paint palate of egg yoke yellow, puce, turquoise and royal blue. The gilding is extensive and of a high quality. The figure has been press moulded, and is therefore far heavier than the hollow slip moulded figures made in the majority of British factories at the time. The porcelain is chalky white and has a slight grainy texture to touch. On the underside, fingerprints can be seen where the clay would have been pressed into the mould.

The figure is unmarked, but certain characteristics, listed above, lead us to describe it as Bow.

The condition of the figures is generally good, though there are a few minor chips to grapes and flowers. In addition the gilding has worn slightly on the base.

Dimensions: 27.3 x 16 x 11.7cm
Weight: 1361g