c1855 Staffordshire Military Subject Loving Cup


An unusual, military themed, Victorian 2 handle Loving Cup, decorated with two images of soldiers in uniforms from the 1850s.

The first shows a sentry guard challenging an officer on horseback to reveal himself. Above the image is the title: WHOM ARE YOU FOR. On the other side is an image of similar soldiers and a flag-bearer with the title: ROYAL STANDARD. The soldiers are unusual as the appear to be French, rather than British, but this has not been deemed a problem by the pottery factory, who no doubt marketed it for the British public. The condition is good for its age, although the cup glaze does have a fair bit of crazing, consistent with the use of softer paste ceramic.

Size: 21 X 13.5 X 12.8 cm (8 ΒΌ x 5 5/16 x 5 inches)
Weight: 637 g