c1960 Pair of Spode Trade Winds Ship Pepperell Red Platters


A beautiful 12 inch Octagonal Serving Platters by Copeland Spode in the Trade Winds ‘Red’ pattern.

The platter is made of c1800 Josiah Spode’s own Fine Stone China with a white base colour decorated with red bands and scalloped edge and gold trim. In the centre is the side view of the 3 masted American ship Pepperell. On the underside of the platter is the name of the ship and date 1854. One platter has a production letter which looks like A, the other has H136. There is also the Copeland Spode ink marks and one of the platters has the Historic Newport Museum approval mark. Condition is mint. The Fine Stone china makes the platter substantial and heavy.

The Trade Winds pattern was introduced around 1960 from an idea by Mr. George Thompson, President of Copeland & Thompson Inc. New York (the agents for Spode in the USA). George Thompson had researched the US market and discovered there was a demand for this type of historical tableware and the idea was taken up by the Spode company with the project led by Robert Copeland the Sales Director at the time. Denis Emery drew out the design following extensive research of historical sailing ships amongst specialist books and manuscripts and visits to the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich. The designs were than hand engraved onto copper plates for production by printing. All the ships were chosen for the design were mostly American, with some British, and are all named on the reverse. The shape was called Lowestoft, dating to the 18th century. In addition to Trade Winds Red, versions were also later produced in Blue and Black in a full range of dinner, tea and coffee wares. It was discontinued at the beginning of the 1990s. It has always been considered to be quality china ware and has become extremely collectable.

Size: 31 x 22.5 x 2.75 cm (12 ¼ x 8 7/8 x 1 1/8 inches)
Weight: 1789 g