c1850 Grand Tour Copy of c570BC Ancient Greek Oinochoe Wine Jug


A magnificent looking c1850 Grand Tour Copy of a c570BC Ancient Greek Corinthian style Oinochoe Wine Jug with very finely painted and incised decoration representing mythical creatures and wild animals.
The Oinochoe has the typical shape with a bulbous body and a trefoil spout. The painting is divided in three broad bands. The upper one depicts in black-figured style, with red brown and light brown details, two lions and two sirens. In between the figures are amorphous blossoms which are incised with lines that intersect in the centre. The central section repeats the same theme with 2 lions, 2 cockerels and 2 deer. The bottom section has horizontal bands and a fringe of upturned arches. The handle has three ribs starting at the rim and ending on the shoulder. Condition is extremely good without any damage. There is some soiling by design in order to give it the appearance of extreme age.
The beauty of the decoration is typical of the pieces deemed to have been made in Corinth, although very similar pieces were made in Apulia, Italy, which was a Greek colony. The excavations at Pompei and Herculaneum sparked an interest in antiquities throughout Western Europe, with rich people becoming Grand Tour tourists. These Tours took between months and years abroad. They returned home with souvenirs which then went into collections.
Oinochoe (oi-nok-oh-ee) is an antique Greek and Roman wine pitcher or jug, characterized by a curved handle extending from the lip to the shoulder, and a round or trefoil mouth.
Size: 14.5 x 14.5 x 17.5 cm (5 ¾ x 5 ¾ x 6 7/8 inches)
Weight: 592 g