Georgian Satirical Print William Heath Thomas McLean Guard


Artist: William Heath or ‘Paul Pry’ (1795-1840)
Title: The Guard Wot Looks Arter The Sovereign
Medium: Hand Coloured Etching on Paper
Date: ‘April 28 1829’

A Georgian satirical print entitled “The Guard Wot Looks Arter The Sovereign”, drawn by William Heath and published by Thomas McLean on 28th April 1829.

The print portrays the squat figure of Elizabeth, Lady Conyngham (1769-1861), blunderbuss in hand, dressed as a coachman. The print includes the following caption “I says to our governor says I – keep your eye on them ere leaders George.”

Conyngham was the long term mistress of George IV, and though more concerned with money than politics, quarrelled with much of the conservative cabinet, including Castlereagh and Lord Liverpool

She was reportedly the mistress of the later Tsar Nicholas 1st. Dorothea Lieven, wife of the Russian ambassador, described her as having "not an idea in her head...not a word to say for herself...nothing but a hand to accept pearls and diamonds, and an enormous balcony to wear them on."

The condition of the print is good. The colours have retained their vibrancy and the original margins are intact.

Size (Full margin): 44 x 29.5cm
Size (Image): 29 x 20cm
Weight: 291g