We understand that it’s hard buying over the internet, especially with pieces as complex as some of ours. Though we try our best to provide good quality photographs and descriptions of our products, we appreciate that you may often need an item in your hands to be able to fully get a sense of it. For that reason we offer a 30 day return policy on all orders. If your purchase wasn’t all that you hoped we’ll happily have it back and refund you in full.

Many of our pieces are rare and sought-after and have a number of imitations. We are extremely vigilant in verifying the authenticity of our items - drawing upon over 20 years of experience, in consultation with multiple experts and high quality reference resources. However, given the breadth of our stock, we appreciate that we can’t be a specialist in everything and may rarely mislabel a piece as original. Because of this, we offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity and provide a certificate upon request. If a piece that has been bought from us is shown to be a fake, we will take it back and give you a full refund.

For further details of our returns policy, please visit our Shipping & Returns page.