c1900 Long 15ct Gold Guard or Muff Chain Necklace


A beautiful, long, fine quality and substantial late Victorian, early Edwardian (c1900) 15 carat yellow gold (625) ornate link guard or muff chain, in very good condition.
The chain is cartouche hallmarked 15ct on one of the chain links by the lobster claw clasp. The chain is designed to be worn across the chest and either attach to a chatelaine or slip through a ladies’ muff, which is a tube made of animal fur, in which she keeps her hands warm. The necklace chain allows the muff to hang from the neck at the height of the abdomen. These chains, given their length, are popular as necklaces, folded several times over. 15 carat gold was popular during the Victorian period, but was phased out after 1930.
Length: 140 cm (55 inches)
Thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 51g