c1930 Art Deco Double Strand Pearl Necklace & Diamond Clasp


A beautiful and impressive Art Deco Double Strand Pearl Necklace with an attractive platinum bracelet clasp holding 16 diamonds.

The clasp is a testament to the skill of the jewellers of this age. There are 2 central old cut brilliant diamonds, surrounded by 14 slightly smaller ones, along the outside edge. The clasp has a typical Art Deco geometrical design. The Pearls are arranged in two long strands and are all uniform in size, which is currently more fashionable. They are all around 7mm (0.275 inch) in diameter and individually knotted. There are 68 and 73 pearls on the inner and outer string, and they have a beautiful creamy white colour with plenty of lustre. Given their size, shape and colour, they are undoubtedly cultured saltwater Akoya pearls. They are historically the white pearls from the Pacific waters around Japan.

The condition of the necklace is extremely good, with no apparent damage to the pearls or clasp.

Length Necklace: 59 cm (23 ΒΌ inches)
Size clasp: 16 x 8 mm (5/8 x 3/8 inches)
Weight: 80 g