1854 Pattern Austrian Lorenz Cruciform Socket Bayonet


A distinctive looking Austrian 1854 Pattern Lorenz Rifle socket bayonet in good condition.

The bayonet has a cruciform tapered blade complete with a slanted groove socket mount. There are inspection stamps and also the issue number: 57. L St – 1054. The bayonet is missing its scabbard.

It is believed these were used during the American Civil War when many European arsenals were emptied of their surplus arms and supplied to both sides of the conflict. Both armies used imported arms throughout the conflict as they struggled to keep pace with the martial demand of their forces. The Enfield rifle-musket was the most frequently imported weapon, but the Union Army also purchased 226,924 Lorenz models and the Confederate Army as many as 100,000.

Size: 56.5 cm (22 ¼ inches)
Weight: 367 g