Boer War Captured P1888 Lee Metford Bayonet Dagger


A nice example of the Victorian British Army P1888 Lee-Metford Mark I, 2nd Pattern bayonet, as used by during the Boer War in South Africa.

The bayonet appears to have been captured by the Boers and converted into a fighting dagger. The bayonet spring has been removed and filled with a carved piece of wood and so has the slotting ring. The blade has had the British markings polished off and the scabbard has lost the frog retaining stud. Most strikingly, the wooden slabs of the handle have been customised by the new Boer owner, with the name KURT and cut grooves in order to aid grip. The pommel has the British Army Regiment initials G.A.M., possibly Colonial forces.

The bayonet is otherwise in good condition, with a good clean blade. The steel fittings are age toned. The leather of the scabbard is in good condition.

The second pattern differed from the first by the inclusion of an oiling hole in the wood grips. This was found to be prone to blockages, so the definitive Mark 2 had the holes in the steel pommel.

Size: 44 cm (17 3/8 inches)
Weight: 567 g