WWI German S1898 Long Sawback bayonet to Machine Gunners


A rare WWI German Seitengewehr Model 1898 Long Sawback Bayonet with the Ersatz metal scabbard, that was issued to Machine Gun Crews.
The S98 (Seitengewehr 1898 aA) was one of a variety of bayonets that were fitted to the Model 1898 Army rifle (G98) and consisted of a sword bayonet with a 52cm (20 ½ inches blade and a curved quillon, but no muzzle ring to avoid it upsetting the accuracy of the rifle. It was housed originally in a leather scabbard but the long length made it liable to getting bent and tearing the leather. In WWI, therefore an economy metal scabbard was produced and the reverse is stamped FAG for the manufacturer Friedrich August Gobel. The one piece wooden grips on early models were changed for 2 pieces, as they were also prone to splitting. As with most German bayonets, a saw back version was produced in small numbers (approximately 6 percent of production) for machine gun and pioneer troops. This is one of these rare examples. The condition is good, with a bit of damage to one of the wooden grips. The steelwork has a fair bit of age toning, but very little rust. The ricasso is stamped with the maker’s mark Alex Coppel, Solingen and the back of the blade is stamped with the Imperial crown over W and the date of 06 (1906). The crossguard is stamped with the numbers 171.R.3.17 denoting the regiment, company and actual issue number of the bayonet. The 171 Regiment was an Alsatian Regiment in the Prussian Army.
Size: 68.5 cm (27 inches)
Weight: 809 g