c1750 Spanish Toledo Steel Mountain Hunting Spear Knife


A beautiful and rare mid-18th century Spanish Mountain Hunting Knife (Cuchillo de Monteria) or Dagger in very good condition.

The knife has a spearpoint shaped blade with very sharp double edges and a central spine. The blade has been etched, on both sides, with very intricate hunting scenes and bordered with foliage and arabesques. The ricasso is marked FABRICA DE TOLEDO close to the S shaped steel crossguard. The handle is made of a slightly curved section of red deer antler and fits nicely in the hand. There isn’t a pommel, just a flat steel plate, fitted to the tang of the blade. This design of knife is very rare to find and very desirable.

Size: 34.5 cm (13 5/8 inches)
Weight: 387 g