c1938 Reichsluftschutzbund RLB 2nd Pattern Dagger


A nice original example of the German equivalent of the Air Raid Precaution (Reichsluftschutzbund) RLB 2nd Subordinate’s Dagger in good condition.

It is an attractive Art Deco design, with a very stylised eagle crossguard. The dagger has the maker’s marks KRONECK and Ernst Erich Witte, of Solingen, on the blade. The blade still has the cross-graining and is remarkably clean. The ebony style bakelite handle has the eight-pointed starburst with a central swastika. Some of the black enamel of the cross is missing. The fittings are made of polished aluminium. The swastika on the crossguard has been professionally reinforced on the reverse, as they are thin and have a habit of breaking. The scabbard is painted black, with chrome plated fittings. The scabbard has a single suspension loop, with a leather strap and metal spring-clip. The latter is stamped DRGM and the mark for Assmann.

The Reichs-Luftschutz-Bund (RLB) was a Nazi organization tasked with air raid defence in German cities and towns. It was a civil organization that was subordinate to the Luftwaffe. Originally organized by Herman Göring in 1933, the RLB had 15 million members by 1939. As with virtually all civil, political and paramilitary organizations during the Third Reich, the RLB had ceremonial edged weapons for use with formal wear by enlisted members as well as officers. The first pattern enlisted dagger was introduced in 1936, with a grip emblem that featured the stylized organizational initials “RLB” in blue enamel, over a swastika, on a black ebony grip. In 1938, the second pattern appeared with the sunburst swastika badge instead.

Size: 36.5 cm (14 3/8 inches)
Weight: 418 g