c1950 Bone Gurkha Kukri in Silver Presentation Scabbard


A stunning c1960 presentation Gurkha Kukri which is in an ornately decorated high grade silver covered leather on wooden scabbard.
The kukri has a polished bone handle, with brass pommel and crossguard. The blade is nice and bright and extremely sharp. It appears to have been lacquered to protect the steel. The scabbard is made of wood which has been covered in black leather and further decorated by applied silver cladding. The silver is profusely decorated with repousse floral scrolling designs, arabesques. There is also a silver central boss with a central red glass gemstone. From it are 3 silver rings, one of which attaches to the scabbard The other two are attached to a length of braided silver ribbon that acts as the hanging strap.
The condition of the kukri is extremely good, with just a few small stress cracks to the bone.
Length: 46.5 cm (18 ΒΌ inches)
Weight: 839 g