c1960 Gurkha Kukri in Silver Presentation Scabbard


A stunning c1960 presentation Gurkha Kukri which is in an ornately decorated high grade silver covered wooden scabbard.
The kukri has a polished horn handle, with brass pommel and crossguard. The blade is highly polished and extremely sharp. The scabbard is made of wood which has been covered in black baize and further decorated by applied silver cladding. The silver is profusely decorated with repousse floral scrolling designs which include central cartouches that hold a standing Gurkha, a flying crane and the crossed kukris, which is the emblem of the Gurkhas. There is also a small shield label with a double silver chain that circles the middle. The scabbard also holds 2 small horn handled skinning/sharpening knives.
The condition of the kukri is very good, with just a small patch of oxide on the blade.
Length: 43 cm (17 inches)
Weight: 777 g