c1968 Japanese Made Vietnam Era US Navy Pilot Survival Knife


An original Vietnam war era, Mint Unissued American US Navy Pilot’s Survival Knife that was made in Japan under contract to the US military.

Based on a near exact copy of the US Navy Pilot survival knife, this example has a 5 inch blade (12.5 cm), which became standard after 1961. Prior to that the knife blade measured 6 inches (15 cm). The blackened blade has a bowie shape with a shallow fuller and a saw edge at the top. There are no maker’s stamps or numbers on it. The crossguard is rectangular with 2 small holes. The pommel finishes in a large hexagonal bolt. The handle is made of leather rings, with 4 deep cut grooves to improve the grip. The pig leather sheath has a pocket which houses the sharpening stone. The handle strap has the early style popper and is stamped HATO HASI. The sheath has a leather cord to allow the knife to be strapped to the leg.

Condition is as new. It is one of 3 that we bought with its original cardboard box. The stores number is 615/5N.

Size: 26.25 cm (10 3/8 inches
Weight: 300 g