WWI Military Service Mk II Kukri Dated 1919


A very fine original example of a WWII Indian made private purchase Military Service Kukri, with its tan leather scabbard that is stamped 1919 and in very nice condition.
The Kukri appears to be the Mark II, as the Mark I which had a sunken handle nut was made till 1915. Otherwise it is similar in shape and construction, but this example was most likely a private purchase and is notable for its horn grip, instead of wood, held by a rivet of the tang. There is no metal bolster and only a fine ridge and rings in the middle of the grip. The leather on wood scabbard is stamped with the date 1919 and what looks like an inspector’s mark underneath (not legible). The scabbard incorporates a raised ridge near the throat to hold the variety of frogs, plus the brass chape. There are no accompanying small knives.
Size blade: 35 cm (13 ¾ inches)
Size kukri: 49 cm (19 ¼ inches)
Weight: 891 g