WWII British Air Ministry RAF Aircrew Release Knife by Rodgers


A rare and collectable WWII British Royal Air Force Aircrew release knife in very good condition.

The knife was used to release crew members trapped by harness straps or parachute lines. For that purpose, the knife is designed with a curved blade and a blunt point. The very sharp edge is on the inside curve to avoid causing accidental bodily harm. For that purpose similar knives were issued to firemen and 'search and rescue' divers.

This example has a wooden 2 slab handle, held together by 3 large brass bolts. The handle has an opposite curve to the blade, giving it an S shape. The blade is stamped with a crown and A. M. and 626843/37/C1C. Below an asterisk and cross is RODGERS SHEFFIELD ENGLAND. The brown leather scabbard has a loop to wear on a belt and is stamped with the same information as the blade. The knife is featured on page 93 of Ron Flook's book 'British and Commonwealth Military Knives'.

This knife was carried by a paratrooper in Asia and came from the same source as the cut-down airborne machete we are also selling.

Length: 28 cm (11 inches)
Weight: 279 g