WWII Military Service K45 Kukri Dated 1945 with Frog


A very fine original example of a WWII Indian made Military Service Kukri that is dated 1945 and has an also marked tan leather scabbard and frog.
The Kukri appears to be the K serie, the successor to the M43, in this case the K45 and is notable for its wooden grip held by very large steel rivets, the lack of a metal bolster and only a simple wide ring in the middle of the grip. These small details made an improvement and it subsequently became the Mark III after the war and has remained the standard design of contemporary Gurkha Regiments in India. The curved steel blade is stamped M.I. Ltd 1945 on the ricasso. This is likely the maker Metal Industries Ltd in India. The blade is also stamped with an inspection mark SA243. The leather on wood scabbard is also stamped COC1945 and C651 with a broad arrow. The brown leather scabbard of the K series is based on the WWI model that incorporated a raised ridge near the throat to hold the variety of frogs, plus the brass chape. There are no accompanying small knives. The scabbard has a wide leather frog with copper rivets. On the reverse the name of the soldier has been painted M.S. …….N.
The K45 was designed and made in Rawalpindi in the later part of 1945 by members of the Ordnance Bureau and was so cost/time effective that all involved got a civilian merit award. The kukri design remains so good that it has been copied a lot.
Size blade: 30.5 cm (12 inches)
Size kukri: 47 cm (18 ½ inches)
Weight: 1023 g