c1890 Ireland Heavy Blackthorn Shillelagh Fighting Club


An impressive late 19th century Irish heavy Blackthorn wood Shillelagh fighting club.

It is unusual in that it doesn’t resemble the more common, more slender and longer cudgels. This is shorter, with a wider girth and tapers again, above the club head that is a burrwood ball. It is functional and has had very little attention to making it aesthetically pleasing. However, the burrwood ball has an attractive natural gnarled look. The condition is good with just light wood splits to the top, possibly from over enthusiastic use.

Shillelaghs are traditionally made from Blackthorn (sloe) wood (Prunus spinosa) or oak. With the scarcity of oak in Ireland the term came increasingly to denote a Blackthorn stick. Wood from the root or burr was prized since this would be used for the knob and was less prone to crack or break during use.

Size: 49 cm (19 ¼ inches)
Weight: 760 g