1840 Model USA Civil War Cavalry Sabre by Clemen & Jung


A nice original American Civil War era Model 1840 Cavalry Sabre that was supplied as a contract with Clement & Jung of Germany, mainly for the Confederate Army.
The sabre is inspired on the French 1822 Model Hussar's sabre, with a curved single edge blade with a brass three branch hand guard with a leather covered wooden grip bound in wire. The ricasso, below the crossguard, is stamped with the maker’s initials C & J for Clemen & Jung of Solingen, Germany. The blade hasn't been sharpened and has light marks of old rust. The sabre is in good condition. It appears that the grip wire has been replaced in the past and may be a period repair. The Clemen & Jung sabre is probably the rarest of the US Model 1840s.
This sword conforms exactly to the M-1840 U.S. Heavy Cavalry pattern and is quite different to its successor the M1860 Light Cavalry Sabre. The M1840 was designed for slashing and because of its heavy flat-backed blade was given the nickname ‘Old Wristbreaker’. During the US Civil War it continued to be issued to Union Cavalry as in the early years it was more readily available than the M1860. The Commanding General of the US forces during the Civil War, George B McClellan, carried an M1840 when at the front. Many were also used by the Confederacy including by General Nathan Bedford Forrest who had both edges of his sword sharpened to increase combat effectiveness.
Clemen & Jung Waffenfabrik of Solingen, Germany. The company was founded in 1860, and by 1862 they were making enough swords to have an agent in Britain. It's possible that it was here that they made a connection to supply M1840 Swords to the United States, most probably to the Confederacy, though the Union also had purchasing agents.
Size: 109 cm (43 inches)
Weight: 1495 g