c1820 British George III Bandsman’s Sword


A very nice example of a very scarce British, early 19th Century, Military Bandsman's Sword in very good condition.

The sword has a straight, unfullered, spear-pointed blade with diamond cross-section. The blade is in extremely good clean condition, with no pitting or rust. The crossguard and handle are cast as a one piece in brass, in a mameluke-style, with a lion’s head pommel. The lion’s head has an eyelet and ring. The metal scabbard is finished in nickel and has a single frog button. It has just a few small bruises, which are hardly noticeable. There was no standard pattern for the ornamental swords carried by military bands in the eighteenth and early 19th centuries. Each regiment was responsible for equipping its band as it saw fit. Generally, they are highly decorative and the commanders took pride in outdoing each other in their parade dress.

Size: 80.5 cm (31 5/8 inches)
Weight: 898 g