c1885 Netherlands Cavalry Officer Sword M1876 Solingen Blade


A very fine, near mint condition Dutch (Netherlands) Model 1876 Cavalry Officer’s Sword or Sabre (Nederlands Cavalerie Officiers Sabel), with a German Solingen made blade.

The sword has a superb long curved fullered bright finished slim blade, which has been etched with the renowned Dutch maker’s details GEBR. VAN LEER, UTRECHT, within a scroll and YZERHOUWER on the reverse side. The ricasso is however marked with a Knight’s helmet and a King’s head logo, used by the German maker Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co., of Solingen.

Weyersberg and Kirschbaum were two sword makers that had amalgamated, both bringing their trademark logos to their products from 1883 to around WWI. The steel hilt, steel hand guard with knuckle bow with three side bars and a forward swept quillon are in really good condition. The wooden grip, covered with ray skin bound in twisted brass wire is also in very fine condition. The chromed steel scabbard and hanging ring retains its bright polish apart from the bottom chape, where it has worn a bit. Hard to find in such a good condition.

Size: 104 cm (40 7/8 inches)
Weight: 1051 g