c1900 Burmese Silver Dha Presentation Sword to British Major


A beautiful finely crafted Burmese (Myanmar) presentation Dha sword that was given to Major William Henry Morris Bent, of the South Staffordshire Regiment on his retirement.
The Dha sword comprises of a single-edged silver niello inlaid steel blade, the hilt of typical cylindrical shape and made of nielloed silver, the blade and handle decorated with figural motifs depicting traditionally clad Burmese dancers, warriors, a sacrificial ceremony and mythical figures of the local folklore. The Dha spine has a silver-inlaid zig-zag motif and the pommel has repoussé embossed foliage. The blade ricasso has a Burmese inscription on one side and the name Morris Bent on the other. The scabbard is made of a teak-like wood and is strengthened by bound wire along its length. The condition is very good, apart from a small piece missing to the crossguard edge and a crack to the silver decoration on the handle.
Major Morris (William Henry) Bent was a British officer in the South Staffordshire Regiment and was a lieutenant in 1874. By 1893 he was a Major and went to Rangoon (Burma) in 1899. He was put on the retired list very soon after. He was later listed as living in Devon, but appears to have been called back during WW1.
Size: 91 cm (35 ¾ inches)
Weight: 1011g