c1930 German Weimar Republic Officer Sabre Sword by Robert Klaas


A fine, rare pre-WWII German Army Officer's sabre by Robert Klaas of Solingen, issued or bought during The Weimar Republic.

The style is very similar to the Nazi period sabres, except for not having the eagle and swastika. The sabre has the slightly curved blade with a single fuller and a brass shilt, with knuckle guard and wire wrapped black resin handle. The brass is decorated with extensive oakleaf design and this extends to the front shield shaped langet. This is very unusual, and doesn't appear to feature in any other examples by the maker Klaas. The pommel is in the dove style, the scabbard is black painted steel and has a single suspension ring.

Condition is very good, with a very bright blade. Given the limited timescale of the Weimar Republic and the small size of the post WWI German Army, these swords are quite a lot rarer than the later Nazi examples.

Size: 99 cm (39 inches)
Weight: 937 g