WWI German M1889 Prussian Infantry Officers Sword


A fine looking example of the German Model 1889 Prussian Infantry Officer’s Sword in good condition.

The sword is in the style of the earlier Cuirassier’s Pallasch, although lighter build, with a double fullered straight blade and a double edged point; the handle has a fixed, decorative, semi-basket guard with the Prussian Eagle in raised relief; the grip is covered in shagreen shark skin and has the royal cypher of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The handle has a slight slant downwards, making it easier to hold as a thrusting weapon. In fact there isn’t a sharp slashing edge to it. There was a leather finger loop for the index finger, but it has been partially removed. The sword dates from after 1906 as the scabbard is blackened steel and was carried by officers in the WWI. However, in an age of machine guns it soon became obsolete and was worn for parade reviews. The sword has a very clean and bright blade. There are no maker’s marks.

Size: 97.5 cm (38 3/8 inches)
Weight: 1219 g