WWII German Army Officer Sabre Sword by Alcoso Kuhl


A very nice original example of a WWI German Army Officer's Dress Sabre in very good condition.

The sabre is maker marked by one of the best known sword makers in Germany, Alcoso (Alexander Coppel of Solingen). It is not maker marked and has the retailer’s stamp on the blade of Albert Kuhl of Munster Essen. The model is catalogued as Alcoso in Angolia’s book ‘Swords of Germany 1900-1945’. The sword has a lion’s head pommel, with 2 red jewels for eyes. There is art deco stylised national eagle emblem with outstretched wings on the crossguard. The sabre is between a size 1 and size 2, the length of the officer sabres produced being dependant on the height of the wearer. The fittings are gilded brass, with a black composite handle with brass wire grip. The blade is in beautiful clean polished condition. The scabbard is black painted steel.

Length: 98.5 cm (38 ¾ inches)
Weight: 939 g