WWII German SS Portepee Unteroffizier Senior NCO Sword


An rare original SS Portepee Unteroffizier Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Sword in very good condition.

Introduced in 1936, it was similar to the design for officers and officer candidates, but with the runes on the top pommel and a scabbard drag, instead of a nickel chape. The sword has a nickel D shaped knuckle guard and fittings, with the handle grip made of black ebony, with 13 grip rings. The scabbard is made of steel painted black. The blade is very clean and bright and has the maker’s details Carl Eickhorn of Solingen, with the distinctive squirrel logo. Eickhorn was probably the most renowned sword and dagger maker.

Size: 101 cm (39 ¾ inches)
Weight: 935 g