1814-1858 Naval Commission Certificates to Cdr John Reddie Black


Three Royal Navy Commission Certificates that were issued to Lieutenant (later Commander) John Reddie Black, a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars.

The first is to the rank of Lieutenant on the Sloop Albacore (dated 1814), signed by the Rt Hon. Robert, Viscount Melville, Sir George Warrender and Sir John Osborne, Admiralty Commissioners and Secretary Sir John Barrow. The second Commission Certificate is to the rank of Lieutenant on the Ship Ramillies (dated 1826), again signed by Sir John Barrow. The third Commission Certificate is to the rank of Commander of the Sloop Hope (dated 1858). All three documents have been slightly affected by damp and have been framed and glazed.

John Reddie Black (1787-1862) Joined the Royal Navy in 1797, he was an able seaman on the Brig No. 39 (Pincher), with his cousin (Lieutenant James Black, who would later be wounded at Trafalgar) and his father, who commanded the boat. He was a midshipman in 1803 on HMS Trident. In 1811, he passed his Lieutenant’s examination and was appointed to HMS Nereus in 1813 (32 Gun 5th rate Frigate). He’s again a Midshipman on HMS Tagus, in 1814, and a Master’s Mate on HMS Iris later that year. By November 1814 he is promoted to Lieutenant on HMS Albacore, an 18-gun sloop launched in 1804 and sold in 1815. He married in 1818 and may have semi-retired as his next appointment is in 1926, as a supernumerary Lieutenant on board HMS Ramillies, a 74-gun 3rd rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 12 July 1785. In 1858 he was appointed Agent for Transports and Commander of the Sloop Hope, a 3-gun packet brig, adapted from the Cherokee-class design and launched in 1824. She was used for harbour service from 1854. John Reddie Black died in 1862, at Dysart, Fifeshire, Scotland.

Size each: 35.5 x 30.5 x 1.25 cm (14 x 12 x ½ inches)
Weight: 2969 g