WWI British Trench Art No.19 Grenade Brass Candlestick


A rare WW1 c1916 British Trench Art No. 19 Grenade Brass Candlestick which is marked SGB and 1916.
The brass candlestick has its central column made up of the rare No. 19 elongated shape Grenade which is made of polished iron. The base, the wax drip pan and sconce are made of brass, most likely from brass shell cases. The fragmentation grenade is stamped SGB for the maker Stourbridge Glazed Brick & Fireclay Co Ltd. Dudley, Worcs and the date 1916. Condition is very good.
The No.19 Hand grenade was developed to supplement the short supply of No.1 and No.2 grenades and intended to be simpler and more easily manufactured. However, in the confined space of the trench, the thrower was more at risk than the enemy as touching the sides of the trench when throwing it could set it bomb off. It came into use in late 1915 and was used in 1916 before being replaced by better grenades.
Size: 14 x 19 cm (5 ½ x 7 ½ inches)
Weight: 959g