WWII German Photograph Album, Italy, Austria, Egypt, Eben-Emael


An interesting collection of photographs belonging to a NCO in the 22nd Infantry Regiment.

The photos show troops in pre-war Germany on military exercises and also later in different theatres of war. The chronology is slightly mixed, but there are pictures of him in Germany, possibly Poland, c1942 Italy, North Africa (Afrika Korps), Belguim with the Albert Canal and the famous destroyed Fort at Eben-Emael which was captured by paratroopers in a notable action of the War. The final photos are of Gorz Castle in Austria (then, now it is in Italy).

There are 145 photos in total, please contact us by the details to the left for more examples.

Size: 31.5 x 21.5 x 2cm
Weight: 764g