WWII Rare German Association Eagle Wall Plaque


A very rare original WWII German Association Eagle Wall Plaque in very good condition. The plaque represents the Deutsches Handwerkzeichen RDHdw (the German Handicrafts Association).

The Association was created around 1934 and represented independent artisans and makers, in order to protect their brands. As with all associations it fell under the National Socialist control, but surprisingly, does not support the ubiquitous swastika. The symbol of the association is the Hammer with the oakleaf and acorn. It’s only concession to the Nazi regime is the inclusion of the Eagle. The plaque is die stamped out of an aluminium alloy and is finished in a bronze anodised surface. The eagle plaque has 4 small holes for screwing it to a flat surface.

The RDHdw came about from the Handwerks, Handels und Gewerbe Organisierung = National Socialist Handicraft, Commerce and Industry Organization), which was created in 1933, out of the earlier "Kampfbund des Gewerblichen Mittlestandes" (Fighting]-league of-the Industrial Middle-classes). In 1934 it fell under the DAF, (Deutsche Arbeitsfront) (German Labor-front), control and eventually the ‘Gesamtverband des deutschen Handwerks, Handels und Gewerbes’ (Total-association of-the german Handicrafts, Commerce and Industry), which became the RDHdw, "Reichsstand des deutschen Handwerks" (National-class of-the german Handicrafts). The organisation survived the war and continued to exist till 1994.

Size: 14.5 x 12.2 x 0.8 cm (5 3/4 x 4 3/4 x 5/16 inches).
Weight: 30g