c1865 Prussian Kurassier Senior NCO Officer Cuirass


A very unusual and rare Model 1862 Prussian Heavy Cavalry Cuirass in good condition.

The cuirass is unusual because it displays elements of being an officer’s version with others that belong to Other Ranks. The cuirass shell is a standard soldier one, but the longer and more ornate, over the shoulder scaled straps are definitely of officer quality. Senior NCOs, Volunteer Aspiring Officer, Standard Bearers and Musicians all wore items that were of Officer rank, without fully being fully Officer version. Garde du Corps had cuirasses that were gilded, but 5 Kurassier Line Regiments wore polished steel versions, with brass fittings, like this example.

The cuirass displays an aged dull grey finish, with brass bolts, circular adornments, and the posts to which its securing belts are attached. The securing belts are particularly important, and are attached to the shoulder tops of the cuirass’s back section. The belts themselves, greatly resemble an officer’s pickelhaube chinstraps with their individual, overlapping brass scales and end in a buckle that is ornately decorated with oak wreaths. A high-relief silvered ornamental lion’s head within a shield appears just behind the actual attachment device, on the back shell. The waist is secured by a leather belt to keep both the front and back cuirass together. One side of the belt is missing, but could be restored. The inside of the back shell is lined with hessian cloth.

Size: 36 x 33 x 42.5 (14 1/8 x 13 x 16 ¾ inches)
Weight: 4231 g