c1950 Post WWII German Sniper Scope by Pekar of Berlin


A very nice quality post WWII German Sniper’s Rifle scope with variable zoom 4-10X, by Pekar of Berlin.
The scope is made of a black japanned alloy metal tube that flares at both ends to enable more light to enter. At the viewing end is a calibrating wheel that increases gradually the magnification from 4X to 10X. The scope also has a capped adjustment wheels for adjusting the height and horizontal line, when zeroing the sights. The scope has the "floating reticle" that moves within the field of view as adjustments are made to the zero. The inside reticle has just a flat top vertical tapering post anchored to the bottom. This type of sight makes for easy targeting, even in low light. The only real problem is that the thick bottom post obstructs the target at long ranges as the shooter elevates the rifle to compensate for extreme range, instead of using the internal scope compensation. Some German snipers inverted the scope which placed the thick post on top of the target and allowed range compensation without obstructing the target with the lower post. This idea has been used in The British SA80 Rifle scope, the Susat, where the single vertical reticle hangs from above. The scope has its original period joined up leather lens covers.
The condition of the scope is very good, with the optics nice and clear. There are no knocks or cracks, but some of the black finish has worn off with use. Pekar was the post war trademark for the wartime company P.Kohler of Berlin.
Size: 35.5 x 5.5 cm (14 x 2 1/8 inches)
Weight: 558 g