WW2 Record GSTP No 433 Military Pocket Watch


A c1940 WWII British Record GSTP No. 433 Military Pocket Watch in good working condition.
The attractive Pocket watch has a black enamelled face with a smaller seconds face in white, inside, at the 6 o’clock. The numerals are Arabic, with the numbers 3,9, 12 and the hands painted in luminous paint. The case is made of nickel plated brass. The back plate has the impressed details: GS/TP over a Broad Arrow, with the letter S and the number 053385. The S means that it was sold ‘out of service’. The back plate opens to reveal the 15 jewels Swiss movement and the Record Calibre number 433. The watch has a top winding stem and loop and is in working order. The plating on the body has worn to the brass but is untouched on the back plate.
Record was founded in 1903 in Tramelan as the Record Dreadnought S.A. and continued to make watches until the advent of Quartz movements.
Size: 5.2 x 7.5 x 1.3 cm (2 x 3 x ½ inches)
Weight: 90g