WWI British Army Pattern Pair of Miner’s Clog Boots


A rare and interesting WWI, unworn British Army Pattern Pair of Miner’s Clog Boots, that would have been worn both in the trenches, but also by Tunnelling engineers when trying to destroy the enemy positions.
The clog boots are of the standard military pattern, with the double side buckle attachment instead of laces. The clog uppers are made of leather which are nailed into a thick wooden sole, possibly elm. The main variation is the fact that the boot soles do not have the steel grips and this may have been done to quieten the footsteps inside the tunnels. Sound travels very well underground and enemy engineers would be listening to any noise of digging, scraping or walking. The clogs do not have any maker’s marks that we can see. The boots are in unissued condition and the leather is surprisingly still quite supple, considering its age. Foot size about 10 (44)
Size boot: 31.5 cm (12 3/8 inches)
Weight: 1455 g