WWII British Mark 7 Anti-Tank Mine Training Model


A rare WWII developed British Mark 7 anti-Tank mine, that was used by the British Army as a training tool for teaching its operation and neutralisation.

It has a circular shape, with a dome top and a top pressure plate. It has been painted dark green over the original blue colour that indicated that it was an inert training piece. The central fuse is missing, as is the explosive. The Mk 7 can be laid either by hand or from a mechanical mine layer. The mine is conventional in design. It has a steel casing with a central, main fuse well, below which is a tetryl booster charge, both surrounded by the main explosive filling of TNT. The mine can be fitted with a variety of fuses, including a double-impulse fuse or the L93A1 tilt-rod fuse, which gives it a full width attack capability.

Size: 33 x 12.5 cm (13 x 5 inches)
Weight: 14.3 kg