WWII German Army EM43 Artillery Range Finder Camouflage Colour


A superb very early war German EM34 Range Finder (Entfernungsmesser Model 34) in good condition, which has been period painted with sand yellow and green camouflage paint.
The rangefinder consists of a cylindrical tube with 2 lenses at each end and a viewing eyepiece in the middle of the rangefinder. This extreme form of binocular vision allows the matching of both images, which then gives the viewer the trigonometric distance of the object viewed. This appears on a metric distance scale. This is particularly important when aiming artillery pieces, but also machine guns, such as the tripod mounted MG34 and MG42. The metal tube is covered in a granular leather effect material, which was originally painted grey, but was later camouflaged with the standard German yellow and green paint. The EM34 has its original factory identity plate and is marked ‘Busch -Rathenow’, the serial number Nr: 9507 and Vergr. 11X. The range finder comes with its original leather carrying strap, but is missing its leather cap for the viewing lens. At each end are padded leather donut buffers to protect the equipment from knocks.
Size: 85 x 11.5 cm (33 ½ x 4 ½ inches)
Weight: 4570g