WWII USA 48 Stars British Made Linen Flag


A scarce original WWII large size British made Linen panelled United States of America Flag with multipiece panel construction for the red and white stripes and 48 stars printed on the blue background.
The flag consists of the 13 horizontal stripes alternating red and white, with a top header canton consisting of 48 stars (nowadays the US flag has 50 stars) printed white on blue background. The flag is made of linen with the header edge in white canvas. The header has a length of jute rope halyard and wooden toggle. The flag is in good worn condition, with a few small holes. Given the size, the flag would have been used at a barracks or a ship. The header edge is ink stamped ‘2 ½ Yds AMERICA.
Size: 227 x 124 cm (89 ½ x 49 inches)
Weight: 570g