1764 Large Brass Barrel Deck Blunderbuss by J Hall


A very rare impressively large 1764 dated Brass barrelled flintlock Deck Blunderbuss, made by Jane Hall (widow of John Hall of London) with the East India Company stamp, both on the barrel and side lock.
The stunning looking blunderbuss has a cannon brass barrel that is half octagonal and half round in section and finishes in a slightly flared mouth. The barrel has a steel tang. The top of the barrel is engraved with the early heart shaped emblem of the East India Company, the maker I. HALL and the date 1764. There are also the London Proof House marks on the side of the barrel. The blunderbuss has a rounded iron lock with the EIC stamp and the maker’s mark I HALL and is similar in size to that of a Brown Bess, but the wooden full stock is made of a beautiful tiger stripe maple wood. Despite the weapon’s size there are no lateral holes for a deck mounting, so must have required a large man to fire it. The trigger guard and the butt-plate are made of brass. There isn’t a brass side-plate or evidence of there having been one, just 2 screws. There is a ramrod made of brass but this is a shortened replacement. The blunderbuss is both cosmetically and mechanically in fine condition. The steel has a dark grey patina and some light pitting although very minor considering its age.
John Hall (-1740) was a master gunmaker in Budge Row, London. He made Ordnance pieces, to the Royal African Co. and the East India Company. When he died his widow Jane continued the business, changing the name to Mrs Hall & Co. in 1761.
Size: 95 cm (37 ½ inches)
Weight: 5.8 kg