1849 Model Cased British Proofed London Colt 31 Cal


A very fine, cased British proofed, 4 inch barrelled London Colt Model 1849 London Pocket percussion revolver, complete with all its accessories and tools.
The revolver is a 5 shot 0.31 calibre, with a 4 inch barrel, which is rarer than the 5 inch versions. The cylinder has the Stagecoach engraving, the COLTS PATENT Nr: 4226 and The London proofmarks. The octagonal barrel is stamped ADDRESS COL. COLT – LONDON, also with London proofmarks. The left side above the trigger is marked COLT’S PATENT and the different parts are similarly numbered 4226. Condition is very fine, with a fair amount of the blueing still present. The gun fits in its original Colt mahogany case, lined in a burgundy baize, with receptacles for the different tools and accessories. These include: the COLTS PATENT 0.31 bullet mould for ball and pointed bullet, the powderflask by G & JW HAWKSLEY, the tin containing percussion caps by W&C ELEY, some lead bullets of both types, the combination screwdriver and percussion nipple wrench and the cleaning ramrod. On the inside of the lid is the original label with DIRECTIONS FOR LOADING COLT’S PISTOLS.
Overall, a very nice cased 1849 London Pocket, manufactured at Colt’s factory in London. The serial number indicates that it dates from around 1852. Colt London was the only Colt factory outside the United States of America. Colt received many famous visitors and would personally give them a guided tour. They included Prince Albert (Queen Victoria's husband) and the famous author Charles Dickens. Dickens was very impressed by the factory and working conditions and stated - "It is the only place in England where one can see the complete manufacture of a pistol, from dirty pieces of timber and rough bars of cast steel, till it is fit for the gunsmith’s case".
Size pistol: 23 x 11 x 3cm (9 x 4 3/8 x 1 1/8 inches)
Size case: 29 x 15.5 x 5 cm (11 3/8 x 6 1/8 x 2 inches)
Weight: 1765 g