1853 General Jacobs 2 Barrel Carbine by Swinburn & Son


A rare 1853 dated Double Barrel Cavalry Carbine that was designed by Major (later General) John Jacobs and made by Swinburn & Son and issued to the Scinde Regular Horse, whom he commanded.
The Carbine has side by side Twist barrels with a .75 cal. (12 Bore) smoothbore calibre. The gun has a captive swivel ramrod, secured at the muzzle to allow use in both barrels. The carbine has back action locks, both marked Swinburn & Son 1853, with twin nipples and heavy hammers. The barrel tang is stamped 2. The barrels are fitted with triple folding leaf rear sight, each leaf being a different range. There was once a cavalry side bar to the left hand side of the stock, but this has been removed at some stage. The gun is half stocked with iron mounts and trigger guard. The top of the butt is marked in three lines SCINDE IRREGULAR HORSE. Condition is very good, with intact wood and very clean metalwork that maintains its original browning finish. The wood stock is impressed 10 over 38 and the barrel is stamped 38.
The carbine started life as a .55 calibre double barrelled Jacobs’ patent percussion rifle, but had the barrel rebored as a result of the Indian Mutiny of 1857, meaning that Indian Troops would in future use less accurate weapons than the British Army.
Major John Jacob, commander of the Scindia Regular Horse invented his rifle following a series of extensive trials on a specially designed range in Jacobabad. Prior to this he and his fellow officers had achieved some spectacular results with explosive shells blowing up ammunition carts at long ranges.
Size: 93 cm (36 5/8 inches)
Weight: 3338 g