1868 British Land Pattern Brown Bess Percussion Musket


A nice example of a c1800 British Land Pattern Brown Bess Musket that has been converted from Flintlock to Percussion cap action.
It is dated 1868 on the lock plate as well as stamped with TOWER and the Royal Crown, but is essentially a c1800 Georgian flintlock musket, with an 18 mm (0.75”) calibre, that has had the breech altered to use percussion caps. Even with this upgrade the musket was still very inferior to the new 1866 Snider-Enfield and the P1853 Enfield rifles, so the musket was issued to Native Troops, given that they had mutinied against the British, not long before. This musket shows some signs of age, with spotting to the steel parts, but the condition is still good for a 200 year old gun, which retains the elegance of design of the original ‘Brown Bess’. The ramrod has been slightly shortened. The wooden stock has a Board of Ordnance Arrow mark.
Because of it’s age, the gun does not require a permit to be owned in the UK, unless it is intended to fire it. Other rules may apply in other countries.
Size: 132.5 cm (52 1/8 inches)
Weight: 3415 g