c1780 Bronze Barrelled Flintlock Blunderbuss by George Jones


A fine quality Georgian English c1780 Bronze Barrelled Flintlock Blunderbuss, that is maker marked INo. & GEOe JONES.
The round bronze barrel (30 cm -11 ¾ inches) is devoid of strengthening rings and has a gentle flare towards the edge of the muzzle. It has a couple of Birmingham proofmarks. It is similar to a Thomas Ketland & Co. barrel, including the flower motif on the tang and lock plates. The flat outlined lock plate has a flower engraving and the Gunsmith’s name INo. & GEOe. JONES, which may be the same company as George Jones of Birmingham. The name is often written as ‘John & George Jones’, but given the position of the letters is more likely ‘Inigo & George Jones’, although we find no evidence of this maker. with smaller font "E" over the o in Geo. Five leaf pattern on rear of lock plate. The flintlock works well, with a pronounced swan neck cock. The stock is made of walnut with brass engraved furniture, trigger guard with engraved flower and rear butt cap. There is a brass shield escutcheon plate on back of grip. A brass and steel ramrod slots in the underside of the barrel.
Size: 71 cm (28 inches)
Weight: 2100g