c1780 Durs Egg Flintlock Blunderbuss with Folding Bayonet


A rare c1780 beautifully decorated steel barrelled Flintlock Blunderbuss with a top Folding Bayonet action by the renowned gunmaker Durs Egg.
The blunderbuss is an early very finely made piece, with the quality and attention to detail that made Durs Egg a gun maker to the then Prince of Wales (later King George IV). It has a round steel barrel, gently flaring towards the muzzle, on which is mounted a triangular section spring loaded bayonet with a locking catch. The tang of the bayonet is stamped DL surmounted by a royal crown, which seems to make this gun a government contract item. The barrel also has a couple of London proofmarks and is engraved ‘London’. The lock plate is stamped with the maker’s mark EGG and the lack of forename indicates that this was an early piece. The hammer is unlike the later more graceful swan necks and more akin to continental guns and influenced by Egg’s Swiss origin. It has a safety catch. The walnut stock has a really attractive patina with a chequered grip. The ramrod is made of a lacquered cane with brass finials. Condition is very good, with a hairline crack to the wood and a piece of wood missing from the forestock. This is an old accident and the edge has been polished over a long time until the rough area has become smooth and highly polished.
Durs Egg was a Swiss born British gun maker noted for his flintlock pistols and for his company’s production of the Ferguson rifle. He was apprenticed in Solothurn and Paris before establishing his own business in London in 1772. He was a contemporary of Joseph Manton, Jean Samuel Pauly, and the uncle of Joseph Egg. He set up his own shop in Princes Street, London, in 1778. In 1786 he moved to Coventry Street. After his death in 1831, the business was continued under his sons.
Size: 79 cm (31 inches)
Weight: 3116g