c1800 American Plains Buffalo 95 Calibre Flintlock Musket


A very large bore American flintlock musket, which was used for hunting large animals or as a Rampart Gun.

The muzzle loading smoothbore has a calibre of .95 inch (24 mm - 5 Bore) and a barrel length of 49 inches (125 cm). It is a mixture of German/Dutch design, with a butt and trigger guard that looks more appropriate for a rifle. This is often encountered with similar American muskets and rifles, such as the Kentucky rifles.

There isn't a maker's mark. The size of the projectile would have been ideal to kill large game, such as Bison (Buffalo), Moose or Bears. It is a heavy gun and would have required resting on something to fire. It has an adjustable sight and a half stock. The flintlock lock plate is quite small when compared to military muskets, which makes it more certain that it was used for Plains hunting. These guns were popular till about the 1860s, when they were replaced by breech loaders.

A very unusual and rare gun.

Length: 166 cm (65 inches)
Weight: 7.1kg