c1858 English Adams Style Revolver with Lefaucheux Pinfire


A rare c1858 British Adams style double action revolver, unusually made to fire Lefaucheux design pinfire cartridge bullets.

The revolver’s cylinder can fire 5 shots. The octagonal barrel measures 5 ½ inches (14 cm) long, with a 10 mm calibre. The double action means that the gun fires by merely pulling the trigger in one smooth action, to cock it, rotate its cylinder and fire it. In fact, the revolver can only be fired as a double-action and lacks a hammer spur. The revolver is surprisingly devoid of any maker’s marks. It is, however, stamped LONDON 37670. There is a wishbone type safety catch to stop the pistol firing by accident. The pistol is well made and feels good in the hand, thanks to the chequered walnut wood grips and the metal spur. The revolver still retains some of the black finish to the metalwork. The condition is very good, with a smooth and robust action. The pinfire ammunition represented a noticeable improvement from the percussion system and was the first modern integrated cartridge bullet.

Because of the antique age of the revolver, the use of black powder and the fact that it fire an obsolete form of ammunition, the gun does not require any licence to own in the UK. It is sold as an antique collectable.

Size: 27.5 cm (10 7/8 inches)
Weight: 713 g