c1880 French 7mm Walking Stick Concealed Shotgun


A c1880 antique 7mm (Obsolete calibre, so no requiring a firearms licence)) Continental Walking Stick Shotgun in fair working condition
The gun consists of a walnut cane with a crooked horn handle that covers an inner steel barrel and a breech loading mechanism for a small shotgun cartridge. The breech is opened by slightly rotating the handle and pulling backwards. Once loaded the receiver is pushed forward and a Dumonthier style concealed trigger fires the gun. The gun has seen extensive use and the heat generated has burnt the wood at the breech and muzzle, showing a section of steel barrel at either end. There are no maker’s or Proof marks that we can see.
The gun is sold as an exempt item under Section 58 (2) of the 1968 Firearms Act, to be held as a curiosity or ornament.
Size: 86.5 cm (34 inches)
Weight: 580 g